About Us

Little Auricles was created to help deaf and hard of hearing people feel empowered and proud of their differences. Our objective is to provide fun and creative hearing aid accessories to help encourage people to regularly wear their hearing aids.

Coming to terms with hearing loss and the need to wear hearing aids everyday can be a difficult and a daunting process. As an audiologist and mother of three, I understand the need to feel accepted. After practicing audiology and witnessing the struggles deaf and hard of hearing people face, I wanted to create a range of uniquely designed products to encourage them to love their aids and to also encourage the general public to change the way they look at the deaf community.

Our products aim to reverse any social stigma around hearing aids and help people feel empowered and confident every day by normalising hearing loss. We want to promote a new perspective, a "nothing to hide" perspective. We have designed hearing aid jewellery that show hearing aids off rather than hide them. Our designs are commissioned to local acclaimed artists and are exclusive to Little Auricles.

Together we can change the stigma associated with hearing aids and empower people to be proud of their differences.


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